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Memorial Cairn - St Matthew's Parish

Here are the names of parishioners who died in World War I (in alphabetical order) and in World War II.

Please let us know if you have more information on these people - we will be delighted to hear from you. Contact the Parish Office 06 878 9476alt06 878 9476 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Roll of Honour 1914 - 1919

Erected by the congregation of St Matthew's Church, Hastings in memory of the members of the congregation who fell in the Great War.

Memorial cairn WW1"Their Name Liveth for Evermore"

Brimer, Cyril Thornton
Britten, Vivian Russell
Brooke-Taylor, Horace Reydon
Brouard, Daniel Walter
Chadwick, Roland
Charles, Eric Clement
Coulson, Eric
Coulson, John Herbert (Harry)
Davis, Llewellyn Thomas
Doggett, Alfred Cedric
Ellingham, Claude Britten
Fail, Clive Lawrence
Fuszard, [A. W.] Winter Arnold
Gill, Harry
Green, John
Haddrell, Sydney Herbert
Hamilton, Thomas Cyril
Harper, Albert Bernard
Hastings, Warren Oswald
Lawlor, Thomas Henry Lorraine
Love, Albert Arthur
Love, George Joseph
Maides, Arthur Burfurd
Marchant, Alexander Barber
Massey, Charles Felthouse
Masters, George
McRae, L.
Merritt, Frederick Hubert
Morgan, Herbert Lewis
Morrison, James Henry
Orchard, Clarence Leonard
Orchard, Frank Henry
Roach, Eric
Simpson, Alan Lawson
Simpson, Claude Elliott
Stockham, Thomas William
Swain, Harold George Selwyn
Vyner, Arthur William
Walden, Frederick James H.
Weeks, Francis Lionel
Weeks, Leo Norman
Weeks, Reginald
Wyatt, Sydney Joseph

World War 2 Memorial CairnRoll of Honour 1939 - 1945

In memory of the members of this parish who fell in World War II.

"Their names liveth for ever more."

Attwood, D. A.
Bark, J. G.
Bateman, M.W.
Ballantyne, H.G.
Ballantyne, P.G.
Beach, H.L.
Burnham, W.H.
Carrodus, F.
Cowlrick, A.J.
Craig, F. H.
Davies, P.
Dyer, I.G.
Edwards, N.
Everett, G.
Godfrey, V.A.
Green, F.J.
Hallett, R.E.
Harding, B.C.
Herrick, B.H.
Herrick, D.T.
Herrick, M.J.
Hoadley, H.M.
Hodgkinson, W.W.
Hull, J.E,
Hocking, R.P.H.
Jenkinson, C.L.
Kirkley, W.J.

St Matthews Memorial CairnKrogh, W.
Liken, J.R.
Lowe, A.G.
Marshall, E.W.
Masters, R.S.
Miller, H.G.
Morley, E.G.R.
Meldrum, H.W.
McGowan, S.
McCormick, M.W.
Neale, I.G.
O'Malley, W.A.
Palmer, W.G.
Peddie, J.A.
Pufflett, R.M.
Smith, W.
Simpson, J.
Sparksman, C.
Stead, A.R.
Struthers, G.A.M.
Stanley, D.E.
Tanner, S.E.
Tritt, P.H.
Taaffe, R.J.
Van Asch, J.F.
Vaughan, R.J.
Watkinson, S.


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