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Our Priest in Charge, the Rev'd Alister Hendery, is making available his sermons via this website. Here is your opportunity to download a sermon as a Pdf file and read it at your leisure. Below are this month's sermons.

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25 August 2019

Freedom on the Sabbath
Ordinary Sunday 21C
Luke 13:10-17

One Sabbath, while Jesus is teaching in a synagogue, a woman appears who had been crippled for eighteen years so crippled that shes unable to stand up straight. Imagine how it was for her. For eighteen years, unable to look anyone in the eye, unable to be part of life on the same level as anyone else. Work, worship, even walking along the road would have been difficult and painful. That is, until this sabbath, when everything changes...

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18 August 2019

The forearm technique
Ordinary Sunday 20 (C)
Isaiah 5:1-7 & Luke 12:49-56

Beethoven would sometimes play a rather naughty trick on terribly polite high society audiences, especially when he thought they werent really interested in serous music. He would perform a piece on the piano, perhaps one of his slow, gentle movements, which would lull the audience into thinking the world was a cosy, beautiful place. As the audience relaxed into a semi-slumber, and the final notes were dying away, Beethoven would bring his forearm down with a crash across the keyboard and laugh at the shock he had caused...

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11 August 2019

From Anxiety to Treasure
Ordinary Sunday 19 (C)
Isaiah 1:1, 10-20 & Luke 12:32-40

Anxiety fear worry . Its familiar stuff. Were all afraid of something; its just that some of us manage to mask it better than others. It can be about so many different things: fear of getting things wrong, of failing, fear about how were going to cope with a situation, or maybe its worries about our health or finances. The possibilities are endless.

Jesus comes along and says, Do not be afraid. Sounds good, but is it one of those pie-in-the sky platitudes? Then he goes on: Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Not exactly what you get in one of those self-help books that teach how to banish anxiety from ones life, but then Jesus is offering a very different way of seeing life...

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4 August 2019

Ordinary Sunday 18 (C)
Psalm 107:1-9, 43; Colossians 3:1-11; Luke 12:13-21

In first century Palestine it wasnt uncommon for people to take a dispute to a rabbi for arbitration. Thats how our Gospel reading starts. A man requests Jesus to settle an argument over the division of a family inheritance. Jesus, however, refuses to get involved in this family squabble over property. Instead, he addresses the bigger question...

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