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Our Priest in Charge, the Rev'd Alister Hendery, is making available his sermons via this website. Here is your opportunity to download a sermon as a Pdf file and read it at your leisure. Below are this month's sermons.

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30 June 2019

Following Jesus on a journey
Ordinary Sunday 13 (C)
Luke 9:51-62 & Galatians 5:1, 13-25

Each of the Gospel writers has their own way of telling the Jesus story. In Lukes account weve got to a point thats called the journey section or travel narrative. It begins by saying that Jesus has set his face to go to Jerusalem. Its the start of the last leg of Jesus journey. The trip from Galilee (which is where Jesus is now) to Jerusalem is 137 kilometres, but its going to take Luke about ten chapters to get there whereas Mark covers the same distance by express, taking just one chapter. But Luke is into journeys. According to Luke, the first name given to Christians was people of the Way. In other words, Christians arent static and settled, but are people on the move journeying with Jesus...

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16 June 2019 - Trinity Sunday (C)

A door into the mystery of God and something about kittens

Its sometimes said that the Feast of the Holy Trinity is the only celebration in the church year devoted to a doctrine. Whats more, its one that can land a preacher in a theological quagmire. A posting on Facebook reads: How not to commit heresy preaching on the Trinity: Say nothing and show pictures of kittens instead.

At first glance the Trinity does look like a theological statement. Our Catechism describes it: God is eternal, earth maker, pain bearer, life giver; source of all that is and shall be; father and mother of us all. We learn that God is one, yet revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit a Holy Trinity.

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9 June 2019 -The Feast of Pentecost (C)

The power of language
Genesis 11:1-9 & Acts 2:1-21

Once upon a time, before history started, the whole earth had only one language and the same words. But human beings got above themselves and decided to become famous by building a great tower so high that it could reach the heavens. But God took one look and said, One people, one language; why, this is only a first step. No telling what theyll come up with next theyll stop at nothing! Come, well go down and garble their speech so they wont understand each other. Then God scattered them from there all over the world, and they had to quit building the city. Thats how it came to be called Babel, because there God turned their language into babble (thats what Babel means)...

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2 June 2019 - Easter 7

Lessons from a prison cell
Acts 16:16-34

Still in Philippi, Paul and Silas were going to the place of prayer and were accosted by a slave girl who had the ability to foretell the future. She was a valuable possession of her owners who would hire her out to read palms and provide entertainment at business conventions. She was also possessed by a demon mentally unbalanced, we would say. The girl took to following Paul and Silas around, shouting out to them, claiming that they were slaves of the Most High God, who proclaim to you a way of salvation.

Her claim was true, but not in the sense she meant...

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