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candles-19Archbishops' call to prayer re Christchurch

Our two New Zealand-based Archbishops have issued a statement in the wake of the Christchurch massacre. They have expressed their shock, sorrow and solidarity - and called Anglicans to pray for all affected.

Here follows a statement from Archbishops Philip Richardson and Don Tamihere, joint leaders of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand.

"We are shocked at the appalling and horrific acts of violence that occurred in Christchurch today.

"We feel utterly saddened for those who have lost their lives, and for their families and loved ones who mourn them. Indeed we mourn with them as fellow citizens and members of the same human wh?nau, and we utterly condemn the despicable and cowardly acts of violence that took their lives.

"The freedom of worship and religious life is an absolute right to all in this land. We choose to stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters and support their continued and inalienable right to live and worship here in peace.

"All of us who live here in Aotearoa New Zealand must stand in solidarity in the face of such evil and we call upon Anglicans throughout Aotearoa New Zealand to uphold all those affected in prayer, and to respond to this act by rejecting the rhetoric of hatred and religious intolerance, and to show compassion and kindness to all our neighbours who wish to live here in peace."

Archbishop Philip Richardson, Senior Bishop of the New Zealand Anglican dioceses
Archbishop Don Tamihere, Pihopa o Aotearoa.


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Our Priest in Charge, the Rev'd Alister Hendery, is making available his sermons via this website. Here is your opportunity to download a sermon as a Pdf file and read it at your leisure. Below are this month's sermons.

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24 March 2019

In the face of suffering Why?
Lent 3 (C)
Isaiah 55:1-9; Psalm 63:1-8; 1 Corinthians 10:1-13; Luke 13:1-9

When tragedy strikes, when were faced with suffering, we ask some big questions: Why why did this happen? Why me? Whats the point of it all? Where do we go from here? How do I make sense of whats happened? Where is God in this? Why do bad things happen to good people? And its tempting to give neat, tidy answers. Over these past days, in the wake of the horrific events in Christchurch, Ive read and heard some responses that try to make it all sound very simple. Some of those responses, like that of a certain Australian politician are downright offensive. In effect they place the blame on the victims themselves. Its an old and very tempting argument. Bad things happen to bad people. And when its applied theologically, it gives us a God who obeys the laws of physics. For every action theres an opposite reaction. But in todays Gospel passage we hear Jesus refusing to buy into that argument...

Click here to download the sermon as a Pdf

17 March 2019

The fox and the hen
Lent 2 (C)
Luke 13:31-35

There was once a little red hen that lived in a house by herself in the wood. And over the hill, in a hole in the rocks, lived a sly, crafty old fox Its a classic image, and its one that Jesus uses in todays Gospel reading: the sly, predatory fox and the comforting, protective hen...

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10 March 2019

The temptation to forget
Lent 1 (C)
Deuteronomy 26:1-11; Romans 10:8b-13; Luke 4:1-13

Its reasonable to expect the preacher on the first Sunday of Lent to talk about temptation, after all weve just heard about Jesus temptations. And, yes, I want to talk about temptation, but not about Jesus temptations, nor those pet temptations that we might strive to overcome this Lent. Rather, lets think about a temptation that besets all of us. Its the temptation to forget to forget who we are, to forget what God has done for us, to forget where we came from and who gave us life, to forget who created us, who sustains us and makes it possible for us to be who we are and to do all that we can...

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6 March 2019 - Ash Wednesday

The gift of the heart
Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.
These words, spoken to Adam, are spoken to us today. They are uttered as ashes are placed on our foreheads in the sign of a cross.

Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.
They take us back to basics back to the fact that one day we shall die that one day our bodies shall be but dust. Its a tough message, though we arent told it to make us feel awful, but to remind us of what of really matters in life to remind us that we are Gods creatures. The way Genesis describes it God took a handful of dust, breathed into it, and then there was life: humankindcreated by the hand of God...

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Sunday Prayer Vigils are held each Sunday from 9.15 to 9.35am in the Lady Chapel.

Everyone is welcome to come along, to pray for God's guidance and blessings on our Vicar Helen, on St Matthew's Parish community and our wider community, and the city of Hastings.

Prayer Book now available online! Print E-mail

Our NZ Prayer Book has been published online.anglogo

"It is now almost a quarter of a century since A New Zealand Prayer Book He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa transformed our worship. It has taken a number of formats. It proved so popular in the USA that one edition was published by the U.S Church. (That was the fat, one colour edition.) An electronic version was also produced some years ago.

Now at last, as the Anglican Communion News Service this week announced to the world: Enjoy the online version of the Prayer Book of the Anglican Church of The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia here:A New Zealand Prayer Book - He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa "

From Waiapu News.

Conservation Fundraisers Print E-mail

Notecards, Christmas cards, a CD of Christopher Hainsworth and The Vicar's Tea Party Cookbook are available - see below for details.


Note Cards & Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards
Images of the Lady Chapel stained glass windows in all their glorious colour and detail.

Also available are notecards featuring St Matthew's photos. Two have original plan drawings. Blank, allowing you to write a message.

All cards are available in packs of 10 for $5.00, ask at the Parish Office.


The Vicar's Tea Party Cookbook

Sales are going very well. There are still some copies are sale for $15.00 each from parish office. A Conservation Project fundraiser.

Many thanks to Clare & George Orchard for organising the the cookbook.


cd-cover1bMeditation & Majesty - Christopher Hainsworth on St Matthew's Organ - Music CD

This lovely CD of masterpieces of French music has been recorded by Christopher Hainsworth on St Matthew's organ, and kindly made available by Chris for sale, with proceeds going to St Matthew's Church Conservation Fund.

Composers featured are Cesar Franck, Alexandre Guilmant, Ch-Marie Widor, Francois Couperin, Theodoe Dubois, Alfred Lefebure-Wely, Georges Bizet, Charles Gounod, Oliver Messiaen, and Francis Pouenc. Also a traditional Catalan piece, The Song of the Birds.

St Matthew's are most grateful to Christopher Hainsworth, and to Michael Grafton-Green and Colleen Rae-Gerrard for producing the CD and booklet.

$20.00 each - please ask at the Parish Office.


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